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Windsos Ultralight

WindSOS UltraLite a PDA design with great stability and minimum sink rate for its size. The new materials employed and the sophisticated Edelrid lines make a small pack than can fit in your hands. The fabric is extermly high tear resistance and long wear and it has a ultra fast opening that can save your life even when you are flying at low altitude.

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The external container is a simple solution when you want to carry your WindsSOS UltraLite in front of you with several attachment option and a top rigid velcro to carry your instruments.

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> The WindSOS reserve is a high quality emergency parachute and the result of extensive research and design.

> We have selected the best available materials on the market and we developed several innovative solutions to improve both the performance and the resistance of this emergency parachute.


size S M L
area (m2) 20.5 24 32
sink rate (m/s) 5 5 5
gores 14 14 16
central line (m) 5.85 5.85 6.50
bridle 0.40 0.40 1.20
max. total weight (kg) 85 100 115
weight of sytem (kg) 1.1 1.2 1.5
certification EN EN EN


canopy fabric: F111 ripstop nylon ultra light
reinforcements: 10 mm polyamide bridle
suspension lines: 2 mm nylon cord - 4 mm nylon cord
apex lines: 3 mm nylon cord - 4 mm nylon cord
central ine: 6 mm nylon cord
bridle: 12 mm high resistance kevlar


The Windsos Ultralite is EN certified.


  • Design PDAs
  • Container flaps 4
  • Mounted with loop 25 mm
  • Sink rate 5.5 m / s at maximum load
  • suspension lines Liros
  • Laminated fabric Polyamide
  • 18 cells
  • Surface 42 m2
  • Weight complete system: 2.18 kg
  • Maximum load weight 190 kg