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Slack Mountain, French manufacturer since 2011


Made in France! One of the main currencies of Slack-Mountain.

Slack Mountain manufactures entirely and since the beginning all the products of its brand in France. From the beginning of the design to the assembly, everything is done in France, we even go so far as to select our suppliers of raw materials (stainless steel, screws, cardboard packaging, etc.) in France. This allows us to have products where we are proud to announce that they are made in France and not just assembled. In the advantages, A controlled production from A to Z makes possible the access to a guarantee and a respect of the standards of the products, and thus to allow to be covered by the insurances; which is not the case for the majority of foreign products.

And the major advantage is ecological because by manufacturing as closely as possible we reduce our carbon emissions because of less transport and also compliance with European standards in terms of industrial pollution that we could not have otherwise.


Today the world of slacklining is not governed by any certification and standard. Slack Mountain, wishing not to put its customers at risk, has decided to apply the closest design standards today, which are in lifting and mountain sports where all PPE classes are found. (Individual protection equipment). This is why we have our Inox Range products tested at an independent laboratory Approved by the Ministry of Research for tests under MECASEM load.

These tests allow us to have our series standardized in terms of resistance and therefore to guarantee our customers resistance to breakage.

All product certificates are available on the product descriptions concerned, we have MECASEM test the same product several times and in this case we select the lowest result so as not to mislead users; and always have the right safety factor.

Finally, attentive to customer satisfaction, listening to comments and observations in order to improve our products, do not hesitate to share your experiences with us.

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