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  • Kit ultralight Goku
    Kit ultralight Goku

    The ultralight Kit Goku will be ideal during your travels with a weight of less than 895 g for 15 m. Available in length of 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50 m it will be completefor all travels where the weight is the priority. With Goku you will have a kit with a reduced elasticity and thus very easy to tension.

    67,50 €
    1 Review(s)
  • Ginkgo x2 Stainless steel Pin Ginkgo x2 Stainless steel Pin
    Ginkgo x2 Stainless steel Pin

    The Ginkgo is a trickline anchor, built to be extra strength solid, with a MBS of 110 kN, it is aimed at all those who want to pull off high amplitude tricks without fear. This has been designed and built to be the highest breaking strength webbing anchor on the market. Intended for webbings of between 40 – 50 mm, it has (WLL) of 20 kN, a 35 mm central...

    66,67 €
    1 Review(s)
  • French Line French Line
    French Line

    The French Touch the fully developed webbing for the practice of the highline. With its rounded edges and its soul + sheath structure it will be solid and pleasant to catcher. Its 53 g / m and 8% elasticity at 10 kN will allow you to enjoy a perfect surf and bounce for a polyester webbing. Of course Made in France

    1,12 €
    4 Review(s)
  • Strap ring 200 cm
    Strap ring 200 cm

    Flat strap, resistance 22 kN. Length: 200 cm flat. Black color.

    6,75 €
  • Pack upgrade Wolf-Snap
    Pack upgrade Wolf-Snap

    You have a kit Wolf and you want to upgrade to be able to reach the full capacity of your pulleys, this pack is for you. Composed of the pulley XP2.1 with remote eyelet of its rope blocker and 25 m of rope you will have the equivalent of the Snap kit.

    89,17 €
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