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  • Kit Bear 50 m Kit Bear 50 m
    Kit Bear 50 m

    The kit for all those who want to learn the longline with a webbing of 50m in 2.5cm, without investing in a system of pulleys. It will allow you to stretch up to 45 m (5m reserved for hauling) and its pad will allow you to swallow the webbing more easily than a simple lock. Its referral system will allow you to multiply your strength. You can also for...

    110,00 €
    5 Review(s)
  • kit Wallaby cliquet kit Wallaby cliquet
    Kit Trickline Ratchet

    The kit for trickliner wanting a kit Ratchet or MaxiRatchet easy to set up. Its webbing choices ranges from accessible lines to expert level. The direct installation with slings and shackles provides more security than girth hitch. All Slack Mountain products are manufactured in France

    87,50 €
    4 Review(s)
  • Kit ultralight Goku
    Kit hyperlight S.O.S

    The SOS Hyperlight Kit will be ideal when traveling with a weight of less than 990 g for 15 m. Available in lengths of 15, 20, 30 and 40 m it will be perfect for all your trips where weight is the priority. With the SOS you will have a kit with reduced elasticity and therefore very easy to tender, and a webbing with polyester sheath for more comfort.

    78,33 €
  • Triceratops Triceratops
    Triceratops X2

    Triceratops is the first triple pulley created and developed for slackline, longline, and trickline.With a WLL of 16 kN and Breaking strength of 80 kN it will be reassuring in any circumstance.With its off centered holes on two plates you can put any rope brake you want.The 60 mm pulleys with tight ball bearing will bring you 97 % efficiency.

    122,50 €
    4 Review(s)
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