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Kit Slackline 15 m Mini Click

Produit de la marque Slack Mountain
100% Made in France

Slackline 40 m Mini Click kit for beginners looking for a compact system for their first slackline, with its 2 mini-ratchets and 2 m webbing slings you can install it easily. The 2.5 cm Photon or Snake webbing will allow you to discover on a real slackline.

Please note that the strap cannot be tightened strongly due to the capacity of the ratchets

For a more versatile installation switch to the easy 15 m kit and if you are looking for shorter the Mini Click kit is also available in 25 m

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Made in France

Made in France

Brand Slack Mountain 100 % made in france


All our slack mountain straps and equipment are made in France and are tested by the independent MECASEM laboratory.

Beginner's kit of 40 m consisting of:

40 m of 2.5cm webbing: Photon (white), Tubular Snake (neon green)

2 Mini Ratchet 1.5 tons

2 webbing slings cmu 1ton 2m (70kN),

A lightweight slack mountain carry bag is provided.

Light pack of 4 kg to be able to practice where you want and in a versatile way.

This kit is intended for anyone who wants to learn slackline, being more accessible than the trickline and intermediate kits.

The big difference of the straps, the Snake is tubular so more pleasant barefoot but also more elastic so to stretch a little higher than a cobalt; to see the details of the straps, go to their product sheets.

Do not stretch more than 60 cm from the ground, MUST NOT BE USED IN HIGHLINE.

Do not cut a path, mark your line

Remember to put tree protections both for the trees but also for your equipment, (thick fabrics, pieces of carpet,... can also be effective and it recycles)

When using above water, rinse your equipment with fresh water and dry in the shade, even for use in lakes or swimming pools.

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Slack Mountain

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