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Snap Kit with Rhino and double block XP2 bearing high performance balls. For experienced practitioners who want a complete and ready to use kit. Comes with 50 or 100 m you can webbing the only tender and with a single reference. Completely scalable and capable of great distance.

The Slack Mountain products are manufactured entirely in France.

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It is this material that our longliner and Highliner spend distances of over 100 m.

His strength the XP2 pulleys stainless steel much stronger than aerospace aluminum pulleys competitors but also lighter and high performance ball bearings thanks to their sheave 60 mm achieve an efficiency of 97% which in fact the best pulleys designed for slackline now.

Xp2,1 and deported with his eye allows you to connect your rope blocker without creating friction inside the hauling

web locker :

The rhino blocker stainless steel 60 kN will allow you to reach all longlines with its sheave 35 mm it will preserve your strap up to 96% of the strength of the webbing. And big advantage it will allow you to claim your strap. Compatible Connector 10 mm to 20 mm.

The Frog luxury blocker lightweight high strength steel of less than 300 g compatible with any connector 8 mm to 20 mm and even in direct slings with larks head, his sheave specifically designed for slackline is equivalent to a sheave 65 mm and allows a resistance webbing up to 98% and especially further facilitate ravalable mode.

You can throughout your progression add accessories, lift handles, change of rope blocker, all to optimize your kit that you fit.

This kit can not be changed no change is possible (you can always create your kit by selecting each item individually)

Snap kit contains:

50 m or 100 m fo webbing

2 rhinos, minion or frog 60 kN

2 Double blocks slack mountain (xp2 and xp2.1) 60kN

2 slings 2m 1t 70 kN

3 shackles 2t 100kN

1 9mm static rope 25m (in case of shortage of 10,5mm)

1 robot 22 kN

1 link 8 mm to connect the robot to the xp2.1

1 6mm link to attach the rope pulley

1 Machard

1 steel carabiner

1 single block.

1 French Record with scheme

Weight eg

50 m from snake and frog 9.4 Kg

50 m Cobalt and Rhino 9.8 Kg

100m windu Rhino and 14 Kg

Non contractual photo

Do not stretch beyond the 175 cm of the soil. Although it is composed of material intended for use in highline, highline requiring additional equipment as well as Particular skills, DO NOT USE IN HIGHLINE.

Do not cut pathway, mark your line

Remember to put the protection of trees both for trees but also for your equipment (heavy fabrics, carpet pieces, ... can also be effective and it recycles)

In use above water rinse your equipment with fresh water and let dry in shade even for uses in the lake or pool.



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