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  • Boucle Cousue Boucle Cousue
    Sewn loops

    The sewn loops are for experienced practitioners. The slack mountain straps that can be sewn should be between 42 g / m and 65 g / m and 25 mm wide. The minimum minimum breaking strength is 15 kN. 

    12,50 €
  • Kit Kolibri Slack Mountain Kit Kolibri Slack Mountain
    Kit Kolibri light Slack Mountain

    The Kolibri kit is made for the practice of the longline / highline with the lowest weight while maintaining a very high efficiency system and without reducing resistance thanks to the design of the RS 100% stainless steel tension system. The Kolibri kit, small, powerful and resistant.  Made in France

    285,00 €
    2 Review(s)
  • Kit ultralight Goku
    Kit ultralight Goku

    The SOS Hyperlight Kit will be ideal when traveling with a weight of less than 990 g for 15 m. Available in lengths of 15, 20, 30 and 40 m it will be perfect for all your trips where weight is the priority. With the SOS you will have a kit with reduced elasticity and therefore very easy to tender, and a webbing with polyester sheath for more comfort.

    78,33 €
  • Pack tension Mini RS Pack tension Mini RS
    Pack tension Mini RS light

    The Minis RS  Pack will be the lightest stainless steel system in the slackline, with 510 g on the scale (2 Mini Double RS, RS Brake and RS Reference). With its high-performance ball bearings and 40 mm grooved sheaves you'll reach 94.7% efficiency. And thanks to its RS handle brake you can easily relax. 100% Made in France

    145,83 €
  • Rebel Soft Beal Rebel Soft Beal
    Rebel Soft Beal

    Adjustable harness for cliff climbing. Light and compact. Web-Core soft technology that provides exceptional comfort thanks to a perfect distribution of pressure on the hips and thighs. The ultra-light Dynamic-Fit adjustment system (Black Diamond license) makes it easy to adjust your thighs.

    41,58 €
  • Pack poulie RS Slack Mountain Pack poulie RS Slack Mountain
    Pack pulley RS Slack Mountain

    The Minis RS are the lightest stainless steel pulleys on the market, with 162 g for the RS 1. Its high-performance ball bearings and its 40 mm grooved sheaves will reach the 94.7% efficiency, unrivaled for such a compact pulley. With its hand-welded assembly, the Mini Rs will be safe and allows it to reach a breaking load of 50 kN and be homologated in an...

    95,83 €
    1 Review(s)

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