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    The SOS Sunset Over Seas, the TENESTA® hybrid webbing with a 100% polyester sheath, fully developed with the ATA Slack team for the realization of Highline long distance. To reduce its wind resistance the width has been modified to reach 22 mm, while maintaining a resistance of more than 32 kN. Its low elasticity of 3.4% and its weight of 33.65 g / m make...

    2,13 € 2,67 € -20%
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  • A-frame Jumpline Bois A-frame Jumpline Bois
    A-frame Jumpline Bois

    Pack containing all the material to make your 2 m trickline A-frame. With its 4 heights available and the ability to mount it in 2 parts you can take it to all your sessions easily. Provided with its anti-slip mats it will be as effective on parquet as concrete. Made in France

    92,67 € 115,83 € -20%
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