Tension System

  • Tension Kit Slack Mountain
    Tension Kit Slack Mountain

    Ball bearing power pack for up to 150m line , it will take over complete with additional references . Consisting of: 2 shackles 2t , 2 xp2 pulleys, rope 25m , 1 quick link 8 mm, 6 mm quick link 1 , 1 Machard , Robot 1 , 1mousqueton steel single block .

    165,00 €
  • Triceratops Triceratops
    System Triceratops

    Pack tension SlackMountain. The system of ultimate tension for your longlines, jumpline. With blocker and supplied dismissal.Compound of 2 pulleys Triceratops, 33 m of rope of 9 mm, 1 link of 6 mm, 1 link of 8 mm, 1 Robot (blocker of rope), 1 machard, 1 carabiner of 8 mm (dismissal), and a pulley UNO of slack mountain.With his 3.65 kg weight you can...

    215,00 €
  • Pack Tension Light Pack Tension Light
    Pack Tension Light

    Pack Light tension with a weight at least of 900g, he will allow you to aim until 6kN (that is approximately 60-70m). Thanks to its double pulleys Mini Twin Kong of 150g 30 kN in rotation with ball the efficiency will be in produce you. Ultra compact he can accompany you everywhere.

    139,00 €
  • Basic Grip (machard) Basic Grip (machard)
    Out of stock
    Basic Grip (machard)

    Need to stretch out your slackline and to be able to remove pulleys. Machard-Drisse is made for you. With Cmu until 8 kN you can stretch out the majority of your lines (slack hybrid are not compatible). And with a system of 196 g you can take it everywhere.

    14,90 €
  • Twin pulley XP2.1 Slack Mountain Twin pulley XP2.1 Slack Mountain
    Twin pulley XP2.1 Slack Mountain

    The Pack with a pulley XP2 and a pulley XP2.1, to make up your mouflage completed with a 97 % yield by pulley. Their breaking loads of 60 kN thanks to their flasks in stainless steel 304l will allow you to tighten with no problem at all your longlines.And especially the carnation deported of her xp2.1 will allow you to put the blocker of rope outside of...

    95,00 €

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