Sangle Polyester

  • Skyway Skyway

    For those who want a comfortable strap, ideal for walking long distance in slackline. Its 11% at 10 kN will bring you a nice bounce. Its 27kN resistance and its core + sheath structure with round edges will make it safe. Made in France

    1,65 €
    6 Review(s)
  • Project 44
    Project 44

    The only braided tubular slackline webbing! Discover new sensations on a slackline, a webbing that has the ability to expand from 23mm to 40mm wide depending on the tension. Without any edge it will be ultra comfortable. It also has a resistance of 25 kN and strong resistance to abrasion with its braiding in double walls. Made in France, registered at INPI

    1,65 €
    5 Review(s)
  • FireFly FireFly
    FireFly (phosphorescente)

    The Firefly the only phosphorescent slackline webbing. You want to slackline in the dark, it will be perfect for your night pictures. Designed with the core + sheath technology, its weight of 56 g / m and its resistance of 30 kN make it versatile. Made in France

    1,90 €
    4 Review(s)
  • Promo sangle
    Product available with different options
    Promo sangle

    53,00 €
  • French Line French Line
    French Line

    The French Touch the fully developed webbing for the practice of the highline. With its rounded edges and its soul + sheath structure it will be solid and pleasant to catcher. Its 53 g / m and 8% elasticity at 10 kN will allow you to enjoy a perfect surf and bounce for a polyester webbing. Of course Made in France

    30,00 €
    4 Review(s)
  • Cobalt

    The COBALT is slack mountain's classical webbing. 53g/m for all kinds of uses. With 10 kN working load, it will be safe in all domains.

    1,20 €
    9 Review(s)
  • Diablo
    Diab 2

    The DIABLO 2 with new weaving and new color, it is the webbing which is going to torment you, with its 96 g/m the difficulty will be supreme. In case it would not be sufficient we can always double it and find itself with 192g / m.The webbing is weaved from fiber tinged in the mass so that over time it remains devilish.

    18,51 €
    4 Review(s)
  • Goku
    Goku 2

    The GOKU 2 Hybrid 2.5 cm Slack Mountain, high performance composed of high-tech fiber webbing, light and very strong to do all your lengths and beat your records. With 41g/m you can take it everywhere and will also practice on your short lengths as a travel your webbing. Technology: Edge polyester, diagonal weaving. Made in France.

    3,20 €
  • Snake Tub
    Snake Tub

    The tubular webbing 25 mm of Slack-Mountain, realized in Polyester, her will be completed for those who look for a comfort under the foot. His elasticity will allow to make you the a little harder spot. Thanks to his black central line on a single face you can make the flat easily. With 52g / m.

    1,50 €
    3 Review(s)
  • Wallaby

    Our Wallaby trickline, is the bounciest yet. A high breaking strength.The low initial elasticity is then met by the dynamic reserve and is ideally rigged with pulleys, but can just as easily be setup on ratchets. The extra thickness compared to most lines is from the increased resistance allowing you to get more height to help stick new tricks.

    44,00 €
    3 Review(s)
  • Plum

    One of the webbing most light of the market with 25g / m it will be completed to be taken in kits light. Ideal during the travels.FORBIDDEN IN HIGHLINE, FINE BELT WILL NOT SUPPORT A LEASH, FORBIDDEN IN BACKUP RESERVES ONLY FOR THE CLASSIC SLACKLINE.

    2,00 €
    2 Review(s)
  • Pop-art Pop-art

    New webbing, new weave, new vision; Pop-art is the trickline for your creative invention. With its unique design propel you in color. With a new weave even finer that gives a unique touch sensation and give you broad bounces. 100% Made in France

    36,00 €
    1 Review(s)
  • Cloud Cloud

    The SOS Sunset Over Seas, the TENESTA® hybrid webbing with a 100% polyester sheath, fully developed with the ATA Slack team for the realization of Highline long distance. To reduce its wind resistance the width has been modified to reach 22 mm, while maintaining a resistance of more than 32 kN. Its low elasticity of 3.4% and its weight of 33.65 g / m make...

    3,20 €
    2 Review(s)
  • Boucle Cousue Boucle Cousue
    Sewn loops

    The sewn loops are for experienced practitioners. The slack mountain straps that can be sewn should be between 42 g / m and 65 g / m and 25 mm wide. The minimum minimum breaking strength is 15 kN. 

    15,00 €

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