Simple lock

  • Lock Rond alu 25 kN Lock Rond alu 25 kN
    Lock Round alu 25 kN

    Lock Ring allows a similar use to the Basiclock, aluminum with a breaking load of 25 kN.

    5,41 €
    1 Review(s)
  • 2 Basiclock 2 Basiclock
    2 Basiclock

    The BasicLock is suitable for any webbing of 25mm and for lengths of less than 30m with a tension in simple muffling. It will allow you to avoid the knots and so to be able to easily relax its slack. Use per pair NEVER USE IN HIGHLINE, AND FOR SLACKS EXCEEDING 25M ​​AS WELL AS STRESSED BY ANY OTHER SYSTEMS THAT THE WEBBINGS OF THE WEBBING Not compatible...

    4,17 €
    3 Review(s)

Simple lock system for webbings less than 50 m requiring little tension. Webbing 20 at 26 mm


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